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Application deadline for India Development Marketplace grant program approaching

Looking to get funding for your development non-profit? The Development Marketplace is currently accepting grant proposals for programs which aim to bring about positive impact. Backed by the World Bank, the Development Marketplace (DM) provides vital funds to projects which employ innovative, grassroots methods to address specific humanitarian issues. Read on


Curry Without Worry

One might be hard pressed to find an immediate answer to the question “What do San Francisco and Kathmandu have in common?” San Francisco sits in a bay and is surrounded water while landlocked Kathmandu is crested by the Himalayas. Read on

To the rape victim who just lost her life

I am sorry for what my fellow six Indians have been accused of doing, I am ashamed of these desperate men for ridiculing their and my country's reputation and, most importantly, I am sorry for your loss of life and the devastating impact that will have on your family for their rest of theirs. Read on


Calling all budding social entrepreneurs

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) provides a much needed financial leg up to fledgling social businesses. Those looking to participate in 2013’s round better get their skates on—the submission deadline for final business plans is tomorrow! Read on

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What is Fairtrade?

You have seen the Fairtrade label on products in the supermarkets but do you actually know what this label means? It is important that you (as the consumer) educate yourself on the topic of fair trade and understand why your support through the purchase of fair trade products is so important. Read on