In a globalised world, our problems are interconnected. Your car is linked to oil pollution, your mobile phone to the civil war in Africa. How can we accept collective responsibility?

The internet creates new opportunities to connect on a global level to start tackling the problems that concern all of us. There are local initiatives waiting for you right on your doorstep.

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Wissen Sousveillance

Every day, we are watched. From cameras on the street and in shops, to officers of the law, and of course the accumulation of data online. We have little say in this, but recently the tables have begun to turn. Governments and their delegates are monitored, police are themselves policed; the era of sousveillance has begun. Read on

Organisation Sustainable Pathways

With Sustainability being our Foundation – Stone, we are open to a wide area of operation – be it health, education, development, more particularly rural development, environment, micro finance, agriculture, waste management, community welfare, revival of arts/ crafts & thus livelihood provision. Read on