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RESET and Linux4Africa Recognised by SAMS Europe 2014!

Last Thursday, RESET was invited to the SAMS Europe Award 2014, an event celebrating excellence in Software Asset Management Strategies organised by Berlin-based company we.CONECT, who donated 2,000 € to RESET and our partner project Linux4Africa on behalf of the three award winners. Read on

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Spotlight Brazil: RESET Kicks Off Spotlight Brazil

Brazil is known for its love of football and with the five-time World Cup champions playing host to this year's tournament, the country is about to show the globe its spirits. Even though many locals want to see their team hoist the trophy, the majority of citizens is now critical of the event taking place in their country, according to recent polls. Read on

GreenTec Awards: Vote for RESET!

RESET has been named as a finalist in the GreenTec Awards, Europe's biggest Environment and Business prize - and you can help us win the audience prize by voting for us online! Read on

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RESET Lost in Space? As If!

As we sit at our computers each day and plug in information, via, into the endless chasm that is the World Wide Web, we sometimes ask ourselves why we do it and who's listening. And then things like this happen: not only did an events company recently donate a large sum of money to RESET, they also put an end to their working relationship with Monsanto. How did it happen? Read on

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RESET: Smart Approaches to Sustainability

Perhaps you've already noticed the changes we've been making at RESET. What's it all about? Read on to find out. For the last few weeks, our blog entries have revolved around projects, ideas and intiatives that implement information and communications technologies in various ways in order to contribute to environmental protection and work towards a more just world. Read on

Support RESET with Flattr

Perhaps you've already noticed the little green "Flattr" button on the bottom left-.hand corner of our newsblogs. But what's it all about? Well, if you read an article on RESET that you like and it's followed by a Flattr button, you can click on it and RESET will receive a small donation. Read on

RESET teams up with The Alternative

We have a slight spring in our step these days, thanks, in no small part, to our recently formed partnership with sustainability media outlet The Alternative (bear with us if we start gushing, we’re big fans). Read on

RESET teams up with Green Commandos

What better way to kick off the New Year than by teaming up with new friends?! We at RESET are super pumped to announce that we have recently partnered with Bangalore-based organisation Green Commandos. Read on

RESET remodelled: check out our new-look website

You might have already noticed it. Since October 14, has looked different. We didn't spend our summer days lazing on the beach, instead we tidied up the site, gave it a fresh lick of paint and added some exciting new functions. Read on