RESET for WED Campaign Submissions


We present to you the gallery of images we have been able to collect thanks to all the Resetters who submitted a picture for our RESET for World Environment Day campaign. We are deeply touched by the commitments made, the creativity shown and the heartwarming concern displayed from all corners of the globe. Have a peek, become inspired and take part - we are eager to see more!

Author RESET , 06.05.13

We have decided to extend the submission and voting period until this Friday 7 June. If you haven’t gotten around to participating yet – it is not too late to get involved! You can also still join the running to win a Do U Speak Green T-Shirt or the 1500 rupee gift voucher from myGREENkart, and if you already have get your family and friends to vote for your picture by ‘liking and sharing’!

Why get involved?      

Addressing climate change and protecting the planet takes a collective effort – no one person can do it all by themselves. Sometimes the big problems such as glacial melting and biodiversity depletion seem beyond the realm of what we ourselves can personally solve. But by breaking environmental problems down into smaller parts, we can see how they apply to our daily lives and develop small action plans to address them. Every little bit counts – regardless of how big or small it is.

What have we learned from those already involved?

You may notice there are several themes that have continued to resurface in the pictures submitted; waste management being the most popular. Many of you have aimed to reduce, reuse and recycle to make our world a cleaner and greener place. A number of you have altogether sworn off certain products – such as any single use plastic products, like bottled water – or promised to use others, like re-usable shopping bags! Not only minimising the waste you produce, but also managing it seems to be a cause for concern for participants. Irrespective of whether you are in Cameroon, India or Portugal – making sure trash is properly disposed is a priority for all.

Some have sought to tackle energy consumption as well as pollution caused by unsustainable modes of transportation; by promising to bike, investing in an electric car, purchasing energy smart light bulbs, minimizing the heat you use in the winter and cooling in summer, and sensitizing those around you why it is important to shut off or share the travel, you are reducing your footprint.

The issues you have raised are diverse and not always simple to address; deforestation, the rapid natural increase of our global population and the resultant strain on our resources, endangered species, unsustainable farming practices in which harmful pesticides and fertilizers contaminate our environment, as well as our overarching fear of global warming. Despite the immensity of these problems, you haven’t shied away – instead you have considered what you can do about them and have decided to do them.

What these pictures have already shown us is that the problems we face are endless, but so are the solutions – and by pausing to think, assessing and taking a step towards addressing them we are that much closer to fixing them! Thank you for participating and for promising to make long-lasting changes!

This campaign is a collaboration between RESET, Green Commandos, Green Yatra, The Alternative and Halabol.

Hamsa from Green Commandos
Submitted by Sheba Shankar
Submitted by Sheba Shankar

Anshika from myGREENkart
Kritika from myGREENkart
Rohan from Halabol
Divya from Halabol

Ajay from Halabol



Lavanya from Youth for Seva/ Green Commandos

Lavanya from Youth for Seva/ Green Commandos

Ajay from
Anna from
Kirsten from
Ariane from
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