RESET Recommends 2020: 10 Hand-Picked Fundraising Projects With Real Impact


Looking for a meaningful Christmas gift with meaning or just want to do some good at the end of a difficult year? Here are RESET's recommendations for 10 the best fundraising projects around - with full marks for innovation, impact and integrity.

Author Sarah-Indra Jungblut:

Translation Sarah-Indra Jungblut, 12.02.20

2020 is certainly a year that none of us will forget in a hurry. And while the current restrictions are set to continue for a few more months, at some point most of us will be able to live our “normal” lives again. But another, global threat is far more difficult for us to predict or control: The climate emergency and its effects. But we do still have time to turn the tide. Now, at the end of 2020, we’re facing a new year that’s full of chances to do things differently – and better! First and foremost, we need politicians and policymakers to step up and take drastic measures to stop and slow climate change – but individuals can also make a difference. And at Christmas time, a donation is a great way to show support for organisations that are close to your heart, and that are working to make the world a better place.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve put our heads together and picked out 10 fundraising projects that combine innovation, impact and integrity when addressing key environmental and social challenges. From community reforestation and climate strikers to mine-detecting rats and digital empowerment, here are RESET’s top 10 hand-picked fundraising projects for 2020.

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Amid the chaos of the past year, RESET has been committed to providing our readers with the very best in evidence-based journalism for a more sustainable world. We’ve spotlighted changemakers from around the world – for example in our Voices of Climate Justice series where we’re interviewing young activists from the Global South – and reported on hundreds of different projects and initiatives for positive social and climate impact. We’ve continued to work to shift the narrative away from doom and despair and towards a story of hope, inspiration and action.

We hope to keep on creating this kind of critical, independent and solutions-based journalism in the long term – and as a non-profit, non-commercial organisation, RESET’s readers play a critical role in ensuring that happens. So as we present our favourite fundraising projects for 2020, consider supporting RESET’s work with a donation this year, and help us continue covering news you won’t find anywhere else – and that’s needed like never before.

RESET Recommends 2020: 10 Hand-Picked Fundraising Projects With Real Impact

At the end of 2020, we’re looking back on a year full of changes and challenges - but also forward to a new year full of opportunities to do things differently - and better! And you can play a part. Here we present the RESET team's top 10 fundraising projects for 2020 - hand-picked projects that combine innovation, impact and integrity, and could help ensure a sustainable future for all.

RESET Joins Global Journalism Initiative “Covering Climate Now”

Faced with the growing threat of the climate crisis, the media has a crucial role to play. That's why RESET has joined the Covering Climate Now initiative, a global effort to increase the amount, quality, and visibility of climate coverage around the world.

RESET Founder Uta Mühleis Receives the B.A.U.M. Environment & Sustainability Award

The B.A.U.M. Environmental and Sustainability Award 2020 was awarded in Hamburg on September 25th. The award ceremony featured dedicated commitment to climate protection, an exploration of the potential of digitalisation for sustainability - and RESET founder Uta Mühleis.

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