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Climate change is the greatest threat of our time - but every day, new, innovative ideas for how to tackle it are emerging around the globe. At, it's our job to discover them, spread the word about what a more sustainable world might look like, and inspire other changemakers to follow their lead. Become part of the solution by supporting us today!

Author Sarah-Indra Jungblut:

Translation Marisa Pettit, 12.30.20

The next few years are a crucial time for the future of our planet. Scientists say we need to take radical action, now, to transform our society: our energy systems, transportation, food and more, on a scale and at a speed that we’ve never witnessed before. We’re standing at a fork in the road, and while it’s a worrying time to be alive, it’s also an exciting one. We still have a chance to turn things around and avert the worst affects of climate change. It’s still not too late.

The path we end up taking depends on many things, including political will and innovation, but it also relies on independent, inspiring, solutions journalism.

We at RESET believe that it is journalism’s duty to facilitate and inform the debate about a better tomorrow. We believe that we can’t solve the problems of today and tomorrow with the same yesterday mindset that created them. Around the globe, new, innovative solutions are created every day – it’s our job at RESET to find them, spread the word about what a more sustainable world might look like, and inspire other changemakers to follow their lead. Now, more than ever, it’s time to shift the climate narrative away from doom and gloom to a story of inspiration and action, innovation and empowerment, together. RESET is independent and free from ads – and with your help, we want to stay that way in the long term.

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The RESET goal: a greener, fairer, digital future

With your support, we had some big achievements in 2020:

  • In our series of interviews “Voices of Climate Justice” we lifted up underrepresented voices from throughout the Global South, and talked to climate activists from Pakistan, Uganda, Thailand, Argentina, Senegal, China and beyond.

  • We explored innovative solutions from around the world, including reforestation projects from Brazil to Australia, startups and scientists tackling plastic pollution and smart initiatives for greener, healthier cities.

  • RESET founder Uta Mühleis accepted the B.A.U.M. Prize for her work with RESET, one of the most prestigious sustainability awards in Germany.

  • We investigated the environmental impact, and opportunities, posed by by one of the biggest technological phenomenons of the present day – artificial intelligence – in our first-ever Greenbook (1): Artificial Intelligence – Can Computing Power Save the Planet?

  • In our AI & Sustainability Policy Brief – the result of months of research and interviews – we directly addressed political decision-makers with recommendations for action and concrete measures for a more sustainable application of AI technology.

  • At the “AI and Sustainability” Roundtable, hosted by the German Representation of the European Commission and the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, we gave a keynote speech and discussed the intersection of AI and climate change with experts and key decision makers.

And we already have lots of plans for next year! With your support, we want:

  • To continue championing solutions and innovations in our background articles, specials and daily news, to help ensure a sustainable recovery in our political, economic and social system in 2021. In particular, and in the light of the coronavirus-induced digital boom of 2020, we’ll continue to explore how we can build digital technologies that are inclusive and fair, and that strengthen resilience both in the environment and society.

  • To publish our next Greenbook publication, this time looking at Satellites and Drones. We’ve already started research into what steps need to be taken to ensure this fascinating (and fast-moving!) technology has a positive impact on people and planet. (Did you know there are 2000+ satelites circling earth right now and more than 1 million pieces of space junk?)

  • To work together with other media organisations and initiatives to create a constructive “climate of sustainability” and strengthen the international climate movement.

  • To welcome more writers and researchers into the RESET team so that we can build on our expertise, investigate more solutions stories and have even more impact in 2021.

We’re living in a world full of historic changes and challenges right now, but also in one where we have opportunities and capabilities to tackle those challenges like never before. But we’ll only be able to create a better future when we combine a deep understanding of the problems with a visionary outlook, with hope for the future and with inspiration to act. That’s what we see as our duty at RESET – and our readers play a critical role in ensuring that happens.

One-off donations are great, and regular donations – that let us plan for the future – are even better, regardless of whether it’s 5, 10 or 20 euro a month.

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Indra, Lydia, Marisa, Uta and the whole RESET team

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© Abel Rodrigues
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