RESET’s Keynote on Vertical Farming

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At the end of 2018 RESET writer Indra Jungblut gave a keynote all about Vertical Farming. Here's a look back at the event.

Author Sarah-Indra Jungblut:

Translation Sarah-Indra Jungblut, 02.05.19

With climate change disrupting rural agriculture all around the globe, urban dwellers are facing a new challenge. Cities will have to become less dependent on rural areas and global logistics chains to provide them with the food they need to feed their inhabitants – in the new future, they’ll have to start producing food themselves. And at the same time, we need to expand traditional farming to include more weather-resistant, climate- and resource-friendly farming methods.

Innovative cultivation methods and technologies are being worked on all around the globe to help find answers to these major challenges. One concept is vertical farming. On the 10th of October 2018, I gave a talk on the topic subject for RESET at an event organised by the Volks- and Raiffeisen banks called “Tag des ländlichen Raumes” (Day of Rural Areas) just outside Berlin.

The overall aim of the event was to present new trends in agriculture and nutrition, which could create opportunities for rural areas and the event’s programme was very diverse – including a personal talk by entrepreneur Sarah Wiener about her experiences as a farmer, a key note on regional superfoods, a closer look at village life and its future potentials and a meteorologist’s take on the importance of climate change for the region of Berlin and Brandenburg. My key note has now become a background article – including information on how vertical farming works exactly, a look at some of the most interesting and inspiring projects in cities around the world and a look forward to the future of indoor and vertical agriculture: Vertical Farming: Will the Food of the Future Grow Inside, Underground and Up in the Sky?

SOLHO: Off-Grid Greenhouses Powered by Sun and Sea

Without access to electricity, farming can be a struggle. The Dutch ecopreneurs behind SOLHO have developed an innovative system for greenhouses that produce their own energy.

Vertical Farming: Will the Food of the Future Grow Inside, Underground and Up in the Sky?

A growing population, increased urbanisation, climate change and depleted soil - producing enough food to sustain the world is becoming more and more of a challenge. Agriculture needs new approaches and innovation. Could vertical farms hold the key?

Crowdfarming: A Farmers’ Market 2.0 For Food Directly From the Source

Crowdfarming is an online platform that promotes direct contact between farmers and food lovers. Log on to adopt your own personal tree, beehive, vine, plant, or even sheep and receive their produce when harvest comes around.

Wintures: How Solar Power is Helping to Secure Clean Drinking Water in Sub-Saharan Africa

Wintures offers a solution to a serious, global problem - a robust, affordable off-grid desalination system that can turn salt or brackish water into something that's fit to drink.

AeroFarms: Growing Salad Indoors Without Sunlight or Soil in the World’s Largest Vertical Farm

Can we really grow fresh greens without soil or sunlight? Right in the centre of a busy city? In the US, AeroFarms is moving food production inside - and upwards.

La Caverne: Growing Mushrooms Under the Streets of Paris

A disused car park hidden under the streets of Paris has become the home of a huge indoor agriculture experiment - an urban permaculture project called "the cave".

Lab-Grown Meat Could Be On Your Plate Sooner Than You Think

Lab-grown, cultured, or in-vitro meat is one of the hottest areas of investment and technology advancement in the world.

GreenWave: The Secret Underwater Gardens Saving Our Seas

A new model of vertical ocean farming is making waves, and it promises not just to help reduce the effects of overfishing and ocean acidification - it has also the potential to mitigate climate change and turn an ailing small fishing industry into a thriving restorative ocean farming one.

Growing Trends: Belgian Supermarket to Produce Its Own Vegetables

Worried about where your vegetables come from? A Belgian supermarket has announced plans to grow and sell their very own vegetables in a rooftop garden starting next year. It follows an increasing trend towards urban farming, which aims for more sustainable, zero-mile food supplies for city dwellers.