Viva con Agua: Clean Water for All

Kenya, Viva con Agua St. Pauli


Mwingi is one of the poorest districts in southeast Kenya. Only every tenth inhabitant has access to clean drinking water. Water shortage threatens agriculture and causes illnesses.


Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe with various local initiatives supply 50,000 people in Kenya with clean water. For this purpose, they build rainwater catchers with tanks and a sanitary latrine system at schools.




RESET and Viva con Agua Waterdays Cooperation was a success

Viva con Agua creates awareness for the complexity of the worlds' water problems by means of concerts, parties, readings, exhibitions, fundraising events, as well as football benefit games and much more. Furthermore, it is one of Viva con Agua´s main concerns to focus young people's awareness on the topics of water and development aid. Read on

How water supply helps ensure education

Rainwater catchers with tanks and latrines at schools will in the future ensure a better provision for children. Until now children had to bring their own water with them to school, meaning that in times of drought most kids missed school because they were busy fetching water for their families. The new equipment enables girls and boys to regularly attend school. Read on

Water March to Berlinale! 18.2.2010

Water is a daily necessity. Nowadays, there is an increasing shortage of water supply. The quality of water is also deteriorating. More and more plastic garbage pollutes our seas and in many regions drinking water is losing its implicitness. Read on

Project Description

Drinking water and irrigation systems against poverty and diseases