Viva con Agua: Clean Water for All

Burundi, Viva con Agua St. Pauli


One of the poorest countries in the world, Burundi is located in the middle of Africa. As there’s a lack of basic infrastructure, access to clean drinking water in Burundi cannot be taken for granted.


The German organisations Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe team up to provide more than 60 schools in Burundi with wells, tanks and sanitary latrines.




Background and Project Presentation

Rainwater catchers with tanks and latrines at schools will in the future ensure a better provision for children. Until now children had to bring their own water with them to school, meaning that in times of drought most kids missed school because they were busy fetching water for their families. The new equipment enables girls and boys to regularly attend school. Read on

Water for Kenyan Schools!

As a result of the successful fundraising campaign 'Viva con Agua- Waterdays' over 30.000 Euros were accumulated. The project phases have been finally paid off by RESET donators. A warm thank you to all donators! Now we gather money for Kenyan Schools - Let's go! Read on

"Beats are pumping clean water for Burundi!"

RESET in Cooperation with Viva con Agua and Pyonen invites everybody to the event "Beats are pumping clean water for Burundi!" The very successful concept of the "Viva con Agua - Waterdays" - people on parties and concerts collect their refund money on drinks to support water projects in developing countries - found it's way into the Berlin party scene and gets supported by the following artist Read on

Project Description

Drinking water and irrigation systems against poverty and diseases