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In Uganda, almost half of the population has no access to clean, safe drinking water. Women especially have to spend a lot of time collecting water and polluted water is a common source of sickness in Uganda.


Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe provide the population in the Oyam district in northern Uganda with wells and water source developments. This means that 25,000 people will have access to clean drinking water.




Thank you 2010!

Viva con Agua made it. Last year, Viva con Agua raised funds for projects in Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and India!! But that´s not all: Viva con Agua raised so much many, that they decided to finance another drinking water project of the Welthungerhilfe in Haiti - where it´s urgently needed. All in all Viva con Agua provided 100,000 people with clean, safe drinking water. Read on

Project Description

Helping people to help themselves

The Ugandan civil war has displaced an estimated 800,000 people in the north of the country. Many of those who were forced to flee their homes have as yet not returned to their village. The improvement of the water supply will ease people’s return to their home village and eventually make possible the rehabilitation of agricultural activities leading to self-sufficient, sustainable reestablishment of food security.  

The goal is to set up a contribution towards solid improvement of drinking water supply in the Oyam district. Further goals include conducting regional hygiene courses and maintenance and repair training—a classic model of the notion “helping people to help themselves”. As part of the project, a minimum 38 water facilities will be restored or built anew. Each facility can provide enough water for up to 150 households meaning the direct target group comprises around 5,000 households or approximately 25,000 people in the seven communities that make up the Oyam district.  

This means that with just four euros, we can provide one person in Uganda with permanent access to clean drinking water. Let’s do it now!!    

The “Water for Uganda” project comprises three concrete steps:  

Step 1: Construction of water facilities Over 40 percent of the original water infrastructure is defective or completely destroyed. Welthungerhilfe is currently planning to build three surface or deep wells and five catchment enclosures. These constructions will allow for fast access to clean water for the communities in the project area. The project team also plans to collaborate with schools in the community to instate select maintenance and operations personnel in order to ensure sustainable use of the water infrastructure.  

Step 2: Rehabilitation of existing water supply facilities 35 percent of the deep wells, 56 percent of surface wells and over 35 percent of the catchments in the area are repairable. At present, there are plans to rehabilitate 15 shallow wells and 15 “protected” springs (source developments) which are currently out of use. The Oyam district council is already carrying out a plan to rehabilitate the deep wells, therefore there is no plan to restore these wells as part of this project. There should however be a proviso to distribute the necessary equipment (tools, maintenance and cleaning equipment) to clean and repair the deep wells to the respective community council.   An examination carried out on Oyam’s water supply determined that 174 water facilities require restoration. Due to limited means, 30 water facilities have been selected as part of the project proposal. The project focusses on facilities which are in particularly poor condition or those which areas where the next available facility is more than one kilometre away. Before the rehabilitation can be carried out, the team will perform a series of tests on the water capacity during the dry season.

Step 3: Hygiene Education in the seven municipalities of the Oyam District A needs assessment of the district highlighted the lack of healthcare infrastructure in the Oyam district. This means that the communities have no code of practice for suitable and/or improved hygiene practices. It is therefore planned to support such measures in the communities through education. It is worth noting that implementing clean infrastructure to improve the hygiene and health situation does not suffice if steps are not taken to enhance healthcare at the same time. Only by employing this holistic approach is long-term prevention of water-causing diseases and poor hygiene conditions possible. Welthungerhilfe in Uganda can use its previous experience with existing projects and concepts to assist in this area.  

Previous RESET-funded projects by Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua has already helped those living in Burundi, Uganda and Kenya by providing sustainable access to safe drinking water with the help of the RESET-donors.  

About Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli (VcA) is a charity organization based in St. Pauli, Hamburg and is specialises in fundraising for water and sanitation projects. It organizes concerts, parties, fashion shows, football matches, marathons, exhibitions, bets, yes even massages to raise money for its projects.

Viva con Agua works with partners such as Welthungerhilfe which execute the specific projects and provide information on the current environmental situation in the particular countries that the projects will be conducted. Viva con Agua also provides awareness training in schools and universities in Hamburg and around Germany on the global issues surrounding drinking water, with particular relevance to young people and collaborative development. The popular football club St. Pauli is an official supporter of this aid initiative. 

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