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Issues such as climate protection and global justice concern all of us. Yet their causes are complex and services providing help are often not transparent enough. How can we bridge the gap between getting information and becoming active?


RESET provides information about innovative approaches to sustainable
development and supports projects that promote positive change through
new technologies.

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Linux4Afrika: The Journey Continues

Linux4Afrika is unstoppable. Several teams have been in South Africa, Kenya and Burundi in the past few months, installing new computers in schools and doing maintenance work on existing ones. Read for yourself! Read on


RESET Publication: E-Mobility

Over the past weeks, RESET Germany has been casting their eye over what could be the most influential innovation to shape our cities in the coming years, the fascinating future of electromobility.They've been talking to experts, taking a close look at innovative startups, and working out just how green e-mobility really is. Read on


RESET Goes Mobile - and You Can Help Us!

We are currently planning a RESET app to help make the path from knowledge to action easier. To this end, we'd like to hear from you about what moves you. We have put together a few questions as part of an online questionnaire that are easy to answer and will help us determine how best to direct our efforts. Read on


Lights On in the Kitefu Primary School in Tanzania!

This past October saw one of our project partners fulfill one of its goals: a solar panel (financed via RESET) was installed in the Kitefu primary school in Tanzania! The panel will, for the first time, bring electricity to the school – light for 792 students and 24 teachers. Read on

RESET Meets German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks

Last year’s #ziek campaign from the German Ministry for the Environment – complete with sex and zombies - caused a stir in the German media. But what did it achieve exactly? And what will climate protection campaigns look like in the future? Berlin hosted Europe’s biggest conference on internet and society last week, the re:publica 2015, and RESET was in attendance. Read on

RESET to Visit the German Federal Environment Ministry

Lima and Paris – in 2015, important conferences and seminal decisions are in the pipeline, which will put climate change in the headlines. Reason enough for German Federal Environment Ministry to start a campaign. RESET has the opportunity to put forward questions to Environment Minister, Barbara Hendricks, at the kick off event on 11 November. Read on

Project Description

Everyone can make a contribution to sustainable development. However, not everyone has the necessary know-how, money or time.

The platform allows you to get involved in creating a sustainable world in a way that works for you: get informed about background knowledge and innovative solutions in the areas of environmental protection and social justice; receive practical tips about making your lifestyle more green; and learn more about projects you can support that use new technologies towards positive change.

But: RESET is more than a website.

More Impact for a Sustainable World

RESET in your pocket: To reach more people and encourage them to get active, we are looking to take the next step and go mobile with the app RESET today. 40 per cent of RESET users already land on our page from mobile devices – and this trend is growing.

The free-to-download app RESET today is easy to access and focuses on select, personalised content. This app will offer:

  • positive and inspiring news on innovative and pioneering ideas
  • concrete tips for living more sustainably
  • projects that can be supported with time or money
  • petitions and invitations to events and conferences
  • personal “Challenges” that motivate users to get active and make their lifestyle greener

We Ask for Your Commitment

In order to develop and bring the app to life ( CMS interface, user management, gamification), we need 25,000 € as well as a monthly budget of 1,500 € for the editorial assistance during the first two years. After this time, RESET today should be able to run and largely finance itself.

Become part of the mobile sustainability movement! Help us make RESET today a reality with your donation.

Do you have ideas on how to improve RESET? Send us an Email.

Is your company looking to partner with an organisation? Get in touch with us any time.

Smart Approaches to Sustainability!