Plastic from the Sea



Our plastic waste pollutes the seas and oceans. The drifting synthetics are deadly for many aquatic species.


Italian fishermen are motivated to not throw their plastic by-catch back into the Mediterranean Sea but to dispose of it in containers onshore.




"Coastal Clean Up Day" - Sea Traineeship

Richness of species depends on the living place. But how is the status of this living place "Sea"? It is surely no speculation to say that daily even hourly more and more species are disappearing from our oceans. Not all damage is caused by humans but the decrease in number of species is very often strongly influenced and speeded up by human activity. Read on

Green Ocean on Berlinale on 18.2.2010

Water is a daily necessity. Nowadays, there is an increasing shortage of water supply. The quality of water is also deteriorating. More and more plastic garbage pollutes our seas and in many regions drinking water is losing its implicitness. Read on

Plastic from the Sea, more information

To set up this project Green-Ocean cooperates closely with the Italian nature Conservation association Legambiente and the Italian coastal guard. During the entire project data is passed on to the Italian ministry of the environment and the responsible institutions of the EU. Our Team ~ Tuscany: Robert Groitl Dip.E.D. Dr. Oceanography Read on

Project Description

Cleaning the Mediterranean from plastic waste