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India, Viva con Agua e.V.


While Indian metropolitan areas are booming, rural areas often lack access to clean water. As a result, the infant mortality rate is high and the livelihood of many peasants is endangered.


Together with the German organisation Welthungerhilfe, we provide 30,000 people in Uttar Pradesh with wells, irrigation systems and sanitary facilities. This helps improve the local economic and sanitary situation.




Live from Bundelkhand: project visit in India

In November 2012, the Viva con Agua team made the trip to India to get a personal glimpse at the work to-date carried out in Bundelkhand, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Along with the unbeatable experience (of which every trip to India entails), the commitment of the community left a huge impression of on the team.   Read on

Focus on community building

During the reporting period (January to December 2011), the project has been generally on track and shows promising results. After preparatory work as recruitment of staff, setting up project of‐ fices and finalization of project villages by all partners, the project took off with a baseline survey and extensive PRA activities. Read on

Integrated water management to fight poverty

The economic boom in India has only reached a small part of people. Around 70% of the population still lives under poverty nowadays. The health and water issues remain largely unsolved within the country. According to UNICEF, every third family in the country lacks access to clean drinking water and as a result an extremely high rate of infant mortality is found. Read on

Project Description

The economic boom in India has only reached a small fraction of the total population. The rural population, which accounts for 70 percent of the population, lives in great poverty. Healthcare and water supply are deficient. According to UNICEF, every third family in rural areas has no access to clean drinking water. One of the direct outcomes of this is the extremely high rate of infant mortality.   In addition to this, small farmers already battling inadequate irrigation systems and increasingly inconsistent crop yields have, in the course of market liberalization from overly subsidised products from the West, been virtually overrun. Many farmers get themselves into debt in order to survive.  

Integrated watermanagement for rural India

Together with Welthungerhilfe, Viva con Agua aims to carry out a new measure with an integrated water management approach in three federal states in Northern India. The project aims to increase the accessibility of water especially for those who live at the margin of the society in the populous areas of Bundelkhand, Bihar and Jharkhand thereby improving their health and economic conditions. The goal is to increase agricultural yields and better the hygienic conditions in regions which are economically weak.

The project shall be implemented by the construction of drinking water, sanitation and irrigation systems. The focus of this project is therefore set on the global and local problems in relation to climate change and environmental degradation and also its impact on the people. It is hoped that the planned measures will improve the lives of some 30,000 small farmers.

The project will start off in the Bundelkhand region, located in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, with the biggest part belonging to Madhya Pradesh. Even when the soil is fertile, the area is very arid and is threatened by droughts. The majority of the population still suffers heavily from poverty.

With only seven euros, we can provide a person in the project area with continuous access to precious clean water! Let's do it now!  

Previous RESET-funded projects by Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua has already helped those living in Burundi, Uganda and Kenya by providing sustainable access to safe drinking water with the help of RESET donors.    

About Viva con Agua

  • What is Viva con Agua?

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli (VcA) is a charity organization based in St. Pauli, Hamburg. The main aims of the organization are:

* Improvement of the water supply in developing countries and provision of access to clean water for all.

* Environmental preservation and especially prevention of water pollution.

* Increase in people's awareness of the necessity and importance of water.

* Provision of a social platform that anyone can participate in!

  • What does Viva con Agua exactly do?

Viva con Agua is an initiative which specialises in fundraising for water and sanitation projects. It organizes concerts, parties, fashion shows, football matches, marathons, exhibitions, bets, yes even massages to raise money for its projects. Viva con Agua works with partners such as Welthungerhilfe which execute the specific projects and provide information on the current environmental situation in the particular countries that the projects will be conducted. Viva con Agua provides awareness training in schools and universities in Hamburg and around Germany on the global issues surrounding drinking water, with particular relevance to young people and collaborative development.  

  • What has Viva con Agua achieved to date?

Viva con Agua has to date financed 15 projects in 11 countries.

  • How does Viva con Agua carry out its work?

VcA works with Welthungerhilfe (WHH e.V.), the proven leader in the establishment and realisation of drinking water projects. Through their extensive experience in collaborative development, they have been able to infuse the projects we support with credibility and sustainability. VcA has taken over drinking water components in each of the WHH-selected Millenium villages. With the idea of an open network, Viva con Agua offers aid-minded people in Germany a motivational platform for one’s own initiative! The popular football club St. Pauli is an official supporter of this aid initiative. 

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