Linux4Africa: Bridging the Digital Divide

Tanzania, Mozambique, FreiOSS e.V.


In Germany, there are 600 computers per 1000 people. In Mozambique, there are 6 computers per the same number of people. Almost no African school child gets the chance to use a computer which equates to bad conditions for surviving in a digital knowledge society.


Linux4Africa bridges the digital divide bet­ween the North and South. Schools in Africa are pro­vided with computers and open source soft­ware. Modern com­muni­cation tech­nologies creates oppor­tunities for social and economic develop­ment.



TFT Displays from Switzerland

The bare facts: The company MIGROS in Switzerland donates 60 TFT displays to Linux4Africa. They are collected in Bern und stored in our storeroom in Freiburg. But is this the whole story yet? As usual the interesting things are the details, the many steps that individual persons have taken so that the project can succeed. Read on

Activities of Linux4Africa

At the moment Linux4Africa is not active in Tanzania, because there is some trouble with the funding partners. For this they focus on their projects in Mozambique, Kenia, South-Africa - and in Afghanistan for a short time! There Linux4Africa installed a first newtwork for our project Skateistan last october. Read on

x2go Certification Training started

This Monday, 20th of June of 2011, CENFOSS staff, Celso Timana and Ercilio plus Paulo Cossa, received the first official training about the x2go certification in Africa. This certification will be needed for all future rollouts for all our partners in Africa. The objective of the training is to empowering CENFOSS staff in order to be able to deploy the new x2go solution on Ubuntu 10.10. Read on


Linux4Africa goes Afghanistan. A small delegation of the Linux4Africa team spontaneously went to Afghanistan to support the RESET Project Skateistan and to equip Skateistan´s computers with the Linux Terminal Server solution. Now then Skateistan´s children will be at the digital media forefront! Read on

44 PCs at Ebenezer Majombozi High School

Ebenezer Majombozi High Schol in Mdantsani is the next school the L4A team visits. Miriam will teach there for one year. A network exists already in this school and it has 40 fixed computers. Such was the information at least before we went there. That sounded like an easy job. But -as so often happens - things went differently. There were 44 PCs but no server. Read on

First teaching practise for the volunteers

The five L4A volunteers will be on the Hilltop farm for another week. Up to now they have been trained by Franz and HP. Today they are standing in front of a class as teachers for the first time. The pupils come from the neighbouring village. Five boys aged 13 – 16 have come to the lesson. Their names are Unathi, Siphamandla, Iviwe, Anele und Philasande. Read on

Project Description

Overcome the digital divide, open up new perspectives

Access to the digital world means access to free information. In most parts of Africa, accessing a computer or the internet is an arduous task, and having one’s own internet connection is a rare thing. At the same time, education is key to battling poverty.

Linux4Africa collects donations and used computers (as well as accessories such as screens, keyboards and cables) in Europe and equips them with Linux software, eliminating the need to purchase expensive licenses. The second hand computers are tested, cleaned and furnished with the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). As part of this project, old computers (Thin Clients) are hooked up to a high-speed computer (Server). This allows the application of new Open Source software on old computers, such as OpenOffice, as this program would then run via the Server. As a result, the Thin Clients do not require hard disks. Every processor is fully configured and ready to use when it is shipped off in containers. Sending one container costs approximately 2,500€.

The computers are delivered to partners onsite in Africa who are then responsible for the distribution and installation in schools in Tanzania and Mozambique. Repairs, such as swapping defective hard disks, are taken care of by local partners such as Cenfoss in Mozambique, Hilltop Centre in South Africa, and Agumba Computers in Tanzania. Donations are put towards acquiring the Server as well as transport costs.  


Linux4Africa aims to bridge the digital divide between developed and developing countries, especially in Africa, by supporting access to information technology. This is done through the collection of used computers in Germany, the Terminal Server Project and Ubuntu software which is open source, and by providing support to the involved schools and institutions such as hospitals and other important facilities.

Contact: e.V. c/o Hans-Peter Merkel, Johann-Schill-Str. 24, D-79232 March-Buchheim  

Further information about the Linux Terminal Server Project.