Environmental Education in Shanghai

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With a population of 20 million people Shanghai is a megacity. Especially in China, there is a need for increased environmental awareness. But the children living in the city have only few opportunities to experience nature.


The Jane Goodall Institute opens farms to give children in Shanghai an insight into the cycles of nature. This will increase their awareness of how every part in our ecosystem is interrelated.




Roots & Shoots Shanghai - Environmental Education in China

In the early spring of 2006, Roots & Shoots planted the first seed of hope in Qingpu High School. Soon afterwards more seeds were scattered in the grounds of Rainbow Bridge International School (RBIS). Through the Organic Garden Program, students learn methods of organic farming without the aid of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth promoters, or genetic engineering. Read on

The project costs have been covered! Thanks to all Resetters!

Unanticipated but very positive News: A Chinese sponsor has completely covered the sum for the Organic Garden Program. A warm thanks to all participants in the program and all sponsors! A report on the utilization of the donations can be seen here Read on

Roots & Shoots - Impressions of Organic Gardening

More than 500 schools and universities are taking part in the Organic Garden Program. The activities are taking place in restaurants, parks, everywhere in the city where organic food or organic gardening can take place. Because of the good press response, a sponsor finally financed the whole program in the end of 2009 for ongoing activities until December 2010. Thank you! Read on

Project Description

Developing environmental awareness in children with education programs