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What do we really know about young people from around the globe? What are the leisure activities of Palestinian kids? What do young people in Burkina Faso fight for? Most of us do not know how the world looks from the perspective of children and young people.


Young people across the world show their commitment and tell us what they think. The global youth is active: young people are involved in politics, they protect the environment and create culture. GlobalEyes TV gives them a voice.




GlobalEyes is on the hunt for new adventures

Instead of its usual criss-crossing of the globe to glean stories from young people, the team from GlobalEyes has turned its focus inwards. The central themes of helping young people worldwide are not gone and the drive to give them a voice is as strong as ever but Britta Arnold, Nana Yuriko and Britta Mischer are using this time to gather their bearings and plan future projects. Read on

GlobalEyes Workshop Haiti: Second week - Respect and everyday problems

Two new groups of youth in our port-au-prince workshop! more stories to be filmed...while we still busy edit the films the kids were shooting last week...tomorrow the love story will be completed & a mini doci bout women in haiti: how hard they have to work, how much they suffer, how courageous they are...excited to see how it goes! Read on

GlobalEyes Workshop Haiti: First week - Day 3

day 3: workshop port au prince...roll camera! roll sound! and action! the kids had fun running around with cameras filming it all - the girls were great staging an orphan story. the soccer story was filmed. flo had the kids practice beauty shots, while rami was preparing his group for the super hero film....spender versus bad guy broker ;o) stay tuned Read on

GlobalEyes Workshop Haiti - First week - Day 1 & 2

Yesterday started the first GlobalEyes workshop in Haiti! In the upcoming two weeks, together with adolescents and children, Bette, Britta and Rami will practice everything, a young filmmaker need to handle: story telling, filming und of editing. GlobalEyey started the program with creative writing yesterday. Read on

GlobalEyes Workshop in Haiti 2011

Globaleyes would like to encourage the children of Haiti. In march 2011 GlobalEyes will offer film workshops for children in the camps & a trainer program for students, thereby committing themselves to sustainable trauma relief. Read on

A Chance for Michi – Integration & Self-confidence

In the context of the Workshop we wanted to give a chance to Michi. Michi comes from the Berlin District Wedding. For many people this district is associated with problems- gangs, drugs, violence and life on the street. Read on

Project Description

TV of a Global Youth: Positive visions for future development

GlobalEyes TV is an informative and interactive internet-television platform made for and by young people from across the globe and shows the world from a young person’s viewpoint, giving them a strong vehicle to voice their concerns.  

GlobalEyes was borne out of a desire to establish a platform for youth who were not able to speak for their generation with current television formats. The goal is to construct a worldwide network of media activists. Alongside the creation of this network, GlobalEyes hosts various media-related workshops in collaboration with international youth organisations, schools, non-profits and NGOs in numerous countries. These workshops allow interested and marginalised young people the opportunity to experiment with video as a medium. They learn different skills from interview techniques to the basics of shooting and editing as well as becoming regional correspondents for GlobalEyes TV. This helps promote youth self-confidence and provides them a strong public voice, possibly generating professional perspectives in the field of media.  

GlobalEyes workshops have taken place in Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Jamaica, the Palestinian territories and Haiti.

Join the GlobalEyes network!

All young people from around the globe are invited to submit films. Many youth organisations and environmental NGOs have already made films about their work and all these videos can be presented on GlobalEyes TV. So if you go on holiday with your video camera, feel free to interview the local youth—we would be delighted to watch your exciting stories. The GlobalEyes network can only grow with your contribution.

A short manual and questions for the interviewees can be downloaded at the bottom of this page (PDF: Manual Global Eyes TV)

About GlobalEyes TV

It was while on the road in Europe, Asia and America that filmmakers and GlobalEyes founders Britta Mischer and Nana Yurko came across groups of young people who were seeking more and who were a little different. They were politically active, engaged in the needs of their environment and wanted a better, more varied world. Together with these young people, the two filmmakers recorded reports and portraits about the youth?s lives in their countries.

The non-profit organisation GlobalEyes was established in May 2009. The initiative has garnered the GlobalEyes team numerous awards such as the "Flagship project for Mission Sustainability" and was recognised as part of UNESCO Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Comprised of three filmmakers and one editor, the GlobalEyes team is currently self-financed. The project is reliant upon future financial support in order to maintain the website and build a professional mobile workshop team.

GlobalEyes board members

Britta Mischer: Britta studied Communication Design in Hamburg with a focus on youth issues. In 2001, she released the coffee table book "The youngsters - voices from the 13-30 year old (Die Jüngeren – Mitschnitte aus dem Leben der 13-30 Jährigen)" through Schwarzkopf Verlag. Since 2002, she has published documentaries and reportages as a TV editor for German TV channels like ARD, Arte, ProSieben and Kabel 1. Bitta founded GlobalEyes TV and manages its editorial office.  

Nana Yuriko: The German-Japanese filmmaker/multimedia-artist was born in Munich in 1973 and spent her youth in Asia (Malaysia/Thailand/Japan). She has been living in Berlin since 1994. After working as a graphic designer for several recording companies, she has been focussing on TV/film/video since 1999. She has realised many TV reportages for Arte, ARD and MTV, music videos, documentaries, DVD-productions and clips  (author/director/camera/editor) in Germany and abroad. Today her film work covers mainly global, socio-cultural, humanitarian and environmental topics. Nana founded GlobalEyes TV and shoots, directs and edits for the program.  

Bette Kolb:  Bette is an editor and VJ for Deutsche Welle Fernsehen, Arte and WDR. She has a passion for reportages from all around the world, especially from South Africa. In 2008, she conducted a GlobalEyes TV Workshop in Mitchell's Plain, a township of Cape Town.  


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