Costa y Selva: Protecting the Rainforest

Ecuador, Costa Y Selva e.V.


In Ecuador, more than 80% of the tropical rainforest have been cleared. Yet the world’s rainforests are necessary for a stable climate. Furthermore, many animal and plant species will become extinct if the rainforest disappears.


The rainforest in Ecuador has to be protected. Therefore, Costa y Selva Corp. is planning to buy 100 acres of rainforest and add them to an existing protection zone. They will then afforest the land and biologically explore it.


Manabí, land in sight!

The Costa y Selva team thanks all Resetters for their perseverance and donations so far! In 2010, Costa y Selva experienced ups and downs. However land is in sight. Read on

Our Story, the urge to do something!

The association Costa Y Selva e.V. emerged out of the awareness from all participants that for the protection of our environment, concrete for the preservation of the last tropical rainforests an acute need for action exists. This is confirmed by the FAO’s (FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS) scientific report of the global current status of forests from 2007. € Leave this field blank Read on

Exhibition of a young Environment Protection Activist in Hamburg, 06.12.09

Chiara Zoé Eggert is an eleven year old girl that lives and works in Hamburg. She wants to become a designer when she grows up. She already puts a great value in the ecological sustenance of the world: I do not want the world to perish. I gather donations for the rain forest in order to preserve the ecological balance of the world and contribute to fresh air. Read on

A basis for the new action plan has been released (Download it here)

The project Sanguay National Park in Ecuador is now in action. More than 8.000 Hectares rain forest in the buffer zone of the national park should be sold to a Canadian Wood Company. Since it is a million dollar business, the financial means of this association cannot be met. There is no opposition from the population and judicially there is none. Read on

Project Description

Buying areas of rainforest in Ecuador for protection and conservation