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RESET in India

World Environment Day is just around the corner - we at, Green Commandos, and The Alternative are taking this chance to each actively address one environmental problem that concerns us in our day-to-day lives - and we’re inviting you to submit a photo of yourself doing the same and join our online campaign!

Author RESET , 05.15.13

If we look twice, we’ll see that there are many things we do on a daily basis that we know are not environmentally sound, yet we overlook them, we don’t challenge them, we don’t change them – we let that one little thing consistently slide. Let’s reset!

We can make the big picture get a whole lot greener, whilst collectively learning about environmental problems and solutions – but we need your input!

Join us for #RESETforWED

We are putting together a gallery of images which will be hosted on our website and displayed on the Facebook event page based on a theme of ‘My problem, My promise’. On two placards we would like you to write down one environmentally relevant problem you face titled ‘My Problem’, and a solution you can see through to address that problem; ‘My Promise’. We want you to take a picture of yourself holding these and post it to Facebook!

It’s just five simple steps:

Step 1) Make 10 minutes, get two pieces of paper and a pen, and find a camera you can use (webcams work too).

Step 2) Choose an environmental problem that concerns you, and think of a way that you can address this issue. It can be small or large, but make sure it can be achieved!

Step 3) Get two pieces of paper (or cardboard, poster paper, a black or white board – as you like): and write ‘My Problem’ on one and ‘My Promise’ on the second. Make sure your problem and promise can be clearly read. Choose your words sparingly and be concise, and write BIG!

Step 4) Post your picture on the Facebook campaign page, or if you prefer you can send it to us via email at and we will post it for you!

Step 5) Promote your picture to your social network. The 10 pictures that receive the most “likes” and “shares” will win one of our glorious giveaways.

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 “Other than a good conscience, what am I winning?”

Excellent question, to which there is an excellent answer. All entrants currently living in India will go in the draw to win one of 10 organic cotton T-shirts from sustainable fashion company Do U Speak Green and a 1,500 Rs voucher from green online store myGREENkart.

So hurry up – The 10 pictures that receives the most “Likes and Shares” on Facebook by June 5 will win.

We will also write newsblogs about some of the more compelling problems and/or promises we receive, so if you have an environmental concern that you believe needs more attention, submit a picture and share it with the audience.  

Why get involved?      

Addressing climate change and protecting the planet takes a collective effort – no one person can do it all by themselves. Sometimes the big problems such as glacial melting and biodiversity depletion seem beyond the realm of what we ourselves can personally solve. But by breaking environmental problems down into smaller parts, we can see how they apply to our daily lives and develop small action plans to address them. Every little bit counts – regardless of how big or small it is.

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RESET for WED Campaign – Results and Future Steps

World Environment Day celebrates positive environmental action that involves everyone, everywhere. We were thrilled with how well this was reflected in the RESET for World Environment Day campaign. Participants were able to highlight the agency we all possess in addressing the environmental issues that concern us all.

RESET for WED Campaign Submissions

We present to you the gallery of images we have been able to collect thanks to all the Resetters who submitted a picture for our RESET for World Environment Day campaign. We are deeply touched by the commitments made, the creativity shown and the heartwarming concern displayed from all corners of the globe. Have a peek, become inspired and take part - we are eager to see more!