Organic Haus opens in Gurgaon

Locally-owned organic shop, Organic Haus, opens its third store.

Author Anna Rees, 10.23.12

With BioFach India just around the corner, it seems the interest in organic farming and products is gathering some monumental steam in the country right now, which is why the announcement of Organic Haus opening a store in Gurgaon, its third nationally, couldn’t be better timed.

The brainchild of former Indian cricketer Dilip Doshi, Organic Haus offers a boutique selection of organic food, natural cosmetics and eco-friendly household cleaning products sourced from Germany and Austria.

Organic Haus arrived on the scene late last year, opening its flagship store in Ahmedabad. The team behind Organic Haus announced its lofty ambitions for expansion back then, claiming that it wished to open another eight to 10 stores within the next two years. With a second store in Mumbai opening in earlier this year, and the addition of the Gurgaon outlet, the team seems well on its way to realising its goal.

The high standards that German and Austrian organic produce is manufactured to is the reason why Organic Haus has placed such a large emphasis on offering products from these two countries. Items such as organic rice, gluten-free bread and natural cleaning products are cornerstones of the business and, as the company expands, it will look to add fresh, locally-sourced organic produce to its offering.

Next steps for the company include participating in BioFach India, opening an outlet in Bangalore and establishing its online store. Check out the website for all the details.

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