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 Anne Marie Peterson

Clean Tech Is Getting Its Way Back

Climate fighters won a battle yesterday, when the U.S. and China announced a “Climate Change and Clean Energy cooperation”, meaning the two biggest emitters in the world joined hands to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Read on

Knowing More About the Global Power Shift

Global Power Shift is an attempt to form a global movement which will sensitize the masses about the climate change, its effects and promoting solutions. All across the world from small to large scale, GPS participants keep on organizing the Shifts. Ali Abbas, working with Greenpeace India as Activist Coordinator, joins us to tell us more about GPS. Read on

 Ggn77

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM): Interview with Raveesh Budania

RESET spoke with Raveesh Budania, Head of Business Development at Headway Solar about India's current solar programme to find out more about the ongoing Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), explore constraints and also see what factors related to policy, economic/financial and technical issues are affecting the growth of solar energy sector in India. Read on

 Fraktion DIE LINKE. im Bundestag

Feldheim–a German village leading the renewable energy revolution

Feldheim, a village in Germany, has recently come into the limelight as a result of changes in federal government policies. These policies stipulate an end to reliance upon nuclear energy and has set a target of supplying 35 percent of the country’s energy demand through renewable sources by 2020.  Feldheim is capable of meeting its total energy demand via renewable sources. Read on