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Ahron de Leeuw

Bringing India’s Poor Out of Poverty

At times, poverty in India seems like an unsolvable problem. The government is not ready to take responsibility and the buck keeps getting passed from one person or one government to the other and every government which comes into power boasts about development and about the progress they have brought in place yet it is a rare political tactic to own up to one's shortcomings. Read on

Climate Change and India

India has been repeatedly emphasising climate change issues and, when looking into its commitments, the promises and commitments look very good on paper. Yet there hasn’t been much in the way of concrete action to date - an area of huge potential growth for India. Read on

 A Kap

Are Mumbai’s poor ever going to be counted?

Nirmala Shinde (62), who lives in a slum in Vakola used to have a BPL card 7-8 years ago. The status of her card changed once she got a gas connection and was changed to APL. Mumbai can be a classic example of all that can be wrong in calculation of urban poverty in India. Read on