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Unilever’s ‘Corporate Bullying’ Lawsuit is Surprisingly Working in Favour of One Sustainable Food Company

Hampton Creek, a startup food technology company recently achieved a level of fame in a way not even a million dollar advertising company could have planned, all thanks to a lawsuit filed by Unilever. The multinational corporation has accused Hampton Creek of false advertising for its product ‘Just Mayo’ but it could be hampton Creek that has the last laugh. Read on


The Mid Day Meal Havoc

The Mid Day Meal program is a school lunch programme in India which was initiated with the very noble idea of providing adequate nutrition and protein to disadvantaged children during the course of school day through a free lunch. The initiative has, of late, come under fire after 24 students died after consuming their mid day meal. Read on

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The Organic Quest in India

I first came to Hyderabad in 2009, as a researcher in the Indo-German cooperation project “Sustainable Hyderabad”. My task was to find out about organic food marketing in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. At that time, there was not so much organic food available in the city – apart from one organic shop, one or two supermarkets and a few NGOs and farmer groups. Read on