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Solar Not So “Clean”

It is assumed that there are "zero" emissions from the solar energy and it is therefore taken as somewhat of a given that solar is environment friendly and that generating electricity from solar energy doesn’t have any direct environmental effects. Yet somehow, the effects cannot be totally nullified. Read on

India Solar Calculator: Find Out Your Home's Solar Potential

Are you planning on switching to solar power and making your home independent of the frequent power cuts? Before you take any such step, you can calculate th savings you could make by using rooftop solar power through a very easy-to-use online calculator, which details the best solar PV option after a detailed analysis of the local area and monthly power consumption. Read on

Tetra Pak

Project Search by Tetra Pak

There is a ray of light, hope for change. Organisations like Tetra Pak, arguably one of the main contributors to waste as a result of its product packaging, has taken up a project "Project SEARCH" which aims to create awareness by talking to students, making them 'Green Agents of Change' and instilling in them a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Read on

RESET teams up with Green Commandos

What better way to kick off the New Year than by teaming up with new friends?! We at RESET are super pumped to announce that we have recently partnered with Bangalore-based organisation Green Commandos. Read on

What to do with waste?

Walk along any street in any city of India and you will easily find littered waste. It's not the municipality which is at fault, it's the attitude of the people.These same people would think twice before littering in public when on a trip abroad but it's never the same case when they are back in their home country. Read on