Kashmir: a maimed paradise

Sunset in Kashmir

Kashmir has been in the headlines:

Author Ajay Pal Singh Chabba -, 01.11.13

Kashmir has been in the headlines:

Every other day, just when you start believing that everything is on-the-up in Kashmir and its citizen are returning to a peaceful lifestyle, Kashmir is back in the news–and not for good reasons. The conflict between India and Pakistan, manning of the border, killing of the troops, killing and raping of Kashmiris (both men and women), kidnapping of Kashmiri children and curtailing religious freedom of Kashmiri Pundits are all popping up in headlines and are just few of the issues which local people have faced for decades. They are some who are even sceptical of the notion that life in Kashmir might one day return to normal.

India and Pakistan have already fought three wars over the issue of Kashmir. The turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir has already led to thousands of deaths, hundreds of graves lie unmarked and hundreds of missing persons cases have been filed to human right groups and the local police. There is a huge amount of the money being diverted by both governments towards border security by both countries which can be better regulated if focused on other key conflict causes.

It’s time for the media and citizens from both countries to push their government to reach an agreement and develop a resolution leading to peace. 

Author: Ajay Pal Singh Chabba/ RESET editorial

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