Job offer for Editor from Ukraine

You just arrived from Ukraine and are looking for a job in Berlin? We offer you the opportunity to work with us in the online editorial team.

Author Sarah-Indra Jungblut:

Translation Sarah-Indra Jungblut, 03.11.22

In order to support refugees from Ukraine, we at RESET offer the opportunity to work as an editor.

The non-profit foundation RESET was founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting sustainable development. At the sustainability platform, we report on how digitalisation can be used effectively in environmental and climate protection. RESET has received several awards already, including from UNESCO, the GreenTecAwards, the B.A.U.M. Award and the Umweltmedienpreis.

In our small, dynamic team, you will research topics, write articles and help us keep the content on up to date. In addition, we would like to work with you on a Ukraine focus on environmental and climate protection.

The job offer is for freelance work, the amount of hours will be agreed upon. Our editorial office is in Berlin.

What you should bring with you:

  • You are fluent in written and spoken German or English.
  • You already have experience in journalistic writing and in dealing with digital media.
  • You live in Berlin.

What we offer:

  • A fully equipped workplace.
  • The opportunity to publish and contribute your own topics.
  • The chance to build up a professional network in Berlin/Germany.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send us a few words about yourself and ideally some writing samples by 25 March 2022. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact for queries and application:

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