Hybrid Device Generates Energy from Solar and Wind

Combining solar panels and vertical axis wind turbines into a single modular unit, the SolarMill claims to be the "world’s first integrated hybrid technology" to generate renewable energy directly from your roof.

Author Louisa Wong -, 06.26.15

Rooftops can not only harvest rainwater, but also harness wind and solar energy and convert them into electricity to power your household electronic appliances!

WindStream Technologies’ SolarMill is a small-scale rooftop hybrid renewable energy system that blends wind and solar power generating technologies. In a nutshell, solar panels capture energy during the day and wind turbines can continue to generate electricity when the sun goes down. According to WindStream Technologies, the device is capable of producing up to 135 kWh per month under optimal conditions with 24-hour power production capability.

According to the company’s website, the worldwide explosion of technologies of all types, including personal electronics, mobile devices, and “quality of life” conveniences, place a greater demand or strain on traditional grid or utility-supplied energy sources, and that their new solar and wind device can help fill the gap of energy needs and level peak energy pricing.

To learn more about the technology behind the SolarMill, head to the company’s website