How Sustainable is the EU Really?

The EU likes to see itself as a role model when it comes to the topic of sustainability, and it regularly sets itself ambitious targets. But how far have we really come when it comes to achieving those goals?

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Translation RESET , 07.25.19

Almost four years ago, the United Nations set out its 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development as part of a comprehensive strategy for to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change.

What measures has the EU taken to achieve the SDGs? Where is still room for improvement? And how can the goals finally be achieved?

Because RESET’s focus is first and foremost digital and social innovation for sustainable development, we’ve taken a closer look at three of the 17 goals that are most relevant to us: Clean Energy (Goal 7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (Goal 9) and Sustainable Consumption and Production (Goal 12).

Analysing how these three goals have been turned into real-life policy measures in the European Union, we highlight successes, progress, positive developments and also areas where improvements are urgently needed.

You can find the whole article right here: The EU’s Sustainability Agenda: How Far Have We Come?

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