Honest Mobile: A Carbon Neutral Phone Network On a Mission to Clean Up the Industry

Honest Mobile offsets all the carbon produced by a users phone calls, texting and internet use.

It's not just the inflexible contracts and intransparent user agreements that make the average mobile network unsustainable. The telecommunications industry actually represents a significant share of global carbon emissions too. In the UK, Honest Mobile, a new carbon neutral, tree planting mobile network, wants to change that, by putting people and planet first.

Autor*in Mark Newton, 11.04.20

As smartphones become more ubiquitous across the globe, so too does their impact on the environment. Part of this is to do with the unethical way that they are produced and also the rate at which we are trading our devices in for newer models, leading to increasing amounts of e-waste. However, their impact does not end there. Every single byte of data sent and received by your smartphone smartphone also leaves a digital carbon footprint.

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