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24×7 Healthcare, from the Cloud to the Doorstep

At just Rs. 100 per subscriber, Sevamob is transforming on the ground primary healthcare service in the far-flung areas of North India through its mobile clinics, doctors at the doorstep and unmatched service. Read on

 TED Conference

Video: Jane Chen of Embrace Innovations

Jane Chen is the co-founder and CEO of Embrace Innovations, a social enterprise that aims to help 20 million premature babies every year through an innovative infant warmer that costs less than one percent of traditional incubators. Read on


Solar for Clean Water

Clean water is essential for life. The importance of a clean drop of water can be realised on a trip to a village in Rajasthan or a town in sub-saharan Africa. On the other hand, water is taken for granted in most of the developed countries whereas in a developing country, finding access to safe drinking water can be a great hassle. Read on