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The Power of Smiling

A smile. Such a taken-for-granted display of emotion. Yet for millions of children in developing countries suffering from untreated cleft lip or palate, a smile is no ordinary thing. The condition impacts not just their smiling, but their eating, breathing and speaking. Cleft lip or palate is not just a health issue, it also carries a lot of stigma and can have serious economic consequences. Read on

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From Trauma to Thriving, Via Healing Souls

In war-ravaged countries, and in those with high levels of poverty, mental health is massively under-resourced, leaving many vulnerable people suffering from the effects of trauma unable to cope and to turn a new page. Although not so media-worthy, the scale of the problem can be overwhelming, but this social enterprise has been using a 'buy one give one' approach to deal with this head-on. Read on

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Life Saving Dots: How Iodine-Soaked Bindis Are Transforming Rural India

Millions of people across India suffer from an iodine deficiency, which can cause serious and irreversible – and ultimately preventable – health problems. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. So what can be done to reach out to a country with 500 million women? A simple initiative, recently tested in rural India, may offer a solution: the Life Saving Dot. Read on

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Drones and Satellites for Good - Satellites Predict Patterns of Disease

Nighttime lights reveal a lot about us: where we live, how many of us live in one spot and now where serious illnesses are most likely to occur and break out. Namely, there is a large connection between migrating people, brightly-lit cities and seasonal outbreaks of the measles. As part of our RESET Special 'Drones and Satellites for Good', we take a look at how serious diseases can be detected using satellite imagery. Read on


Missing Maps 2: Putting the West Africa Ebola Outbreak on the Map

Humanitarian mapping is one of the latest tools to be used to tackle highly contagious diseases like Ebola. Satellite images are being used to document buildings like schools and roads and small towns affected by the virus. The collective data help aid agencies navigate around the area of where the infected populations are and where the disease has spread to. Read on