Green New Deal

Our economic system is more concerned with high profits than with social and ecological needs. Industry puts a strain on nature and a large section of the population is poor and deprived of rights.

As conscious consumers, we can drive corporations to minimum standards of fair working con­ditions and eco­logical aware­ness. We support entre­preneurs who find answers to social problems.

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Elne (Neighya)

News Greening Our Internet Habits

Did you know that a search engine company like Google uses enough energy to continuously power 200,000 homes? Everytime someone searches via Google or one of its affiliates (such as YouTube), the company's server utilises energy to power up the servers located in data centres. Read on

Video Kate Raworth - Growth is Not Enough

Organisation OuiShare

OuiShare is a think and do-tank with the mission to empower citizens, public institutions and companies to create a collaborative economy: an economy based on sharing, collaboration and openness, relying on horizontal networks and communities. Read on