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Are You the Next Ben & Jerry's?

Ben & Jerry's is once again searching for clever and fair business ideas that could change the world and will work with select teams to provide major support for their crowdfunding campaigns. Have we piqued your interest? Then register before 16 March 2015. Read on

 Peter Nijenhuis

A Pedal-powered Tractor That Saves Fuels with ZERO Emissions

Good news for those who own small-sized farmland! Sustainable farming means using resources within an agricultural setting without much external input needed, but it is inevitable to use small tractors to do many jobs such as plowing, weeding, seeding and harvesting. Tractors consume fuel, compact soil, cost a lot, and cause physical damage to the operator. Is there an alternative? Read on

India’s Gyro Gearloose for Electronic Waste

Engineer and inventor Peethambaram Parthasarathy has setup India’s first waste electrical equipment recycling plant, which recycles electrical equipment without causing any damage to the environment and people. Anyone who gets an opportunity to work here also find themselves in a good situation: employees are not only well paid, but their needs and comfort are also taken into account. Read on

India Gets its First CNG-based Train

India’s rail network is getting a green makeover. Last week India’s railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu flagged the country's first compressed natural gas-powered passenger train, which will run on a dual fuel system on the Rewari-Rohtak route of the northern railway zone. Read on

 su-lin

Unilever’s ‘Corporate Bullying’ Lawsuit is Surprisingly Working in Favour of One Sustainable Food Company

Hampton Creek, a startup food technology company recently achieved a level of fame in a way not even a million dollar advertising company could have planned, all thanks to a lawsuit filed by Unilever. The multinational corporation has accused Hampton Creek of false advertising for its product ‘Just Mayo’ but it could be hampton Creek that has the last laugh. Read on

 Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Share for More: Challenge “Ain’t No Need”

Do you have new models of social entrepreneurship and innovative solutions that could be especially useful to communities in Colombia? If they fall in the categories of collaborative Education, Health, Finance, Consumption and Production, why not submit your ideas and take up the ‘Ain’t No Need Challenge’? Read on