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Berlin Sets Up First "Migration Hub" for Startups That Help Refugees

Germany certainly hasn't been backward in its approach to helping migrants; the generosity shown by both its government and the ordinary people on the streets has set an example to many other European countries. And now there's yet another initiative coming out of the country's capital. A new popup coworking space has recently opened in Berlin, offering the city's startups a space to meet up and work on projects that help refugees. Read on

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Green Economy to Come Into Focus at Ecosummit London

Ecosummit London's third edition is just around the corner. After two previous editions in London, six in Berlin and one in Düsseldorf, Ecosummit has become one of the leading events for green economy and clean technology startups to expand their operations and reach the next level. Read on

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POC21: Can We Build Sustainable Economies Ourselves?

Tired of the political tug-of-war over how to manage climate change and develop carbon-neutral economies? Check out POC21, an event organisers hope will take place in the lead up to this year's climate talks in Paris where people will be given the chance to prototype a collaborative, fossil fuel-free society. Read on

TIMES Pieces: Chatting with the OuiShare Team about OuiShare Fest and Being Lost in Transition

Entrepreneurs, social innovators, non-profit organisations and grassroots activists will gather in Paris this week for the third edition of OuiShare Fest. The three-day festival about the collaborative economy is taking place from 20 – 22 May. Theme: Lost in Transition? The meaning behind this is something we chatted to OuiShare team members Francesca Pick and David Weingartner about. Read on