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 Edward Conde

Excuse Me! There’s Some Ocean in My Plastic

When renowned marine ecologist Andres Cozar Cabañas, who teaches at the University of Cadiz in Spain, and a team of researchers completed the first ever map of ocean trash, they noticed that there was less plastic than expected on the surface of oceans world over and began to dig deeper into the issue. Read on

 Choo Yut Shing

Automated Plastic Bottle Sorting Detects Fingerprint of Plastics

A new technology uses flashes of light to make plastic polymers fluoresce, meaning special plastics can be identified and sorted accurately at a speed of 1.5 tonnes of plastic per hour. This new process enables and simplifies plastics sorting in recycling plants and facilitates the rapid separation of plastics for re-use. Read on

 mycobond

Magic Mushrooms - Are Fungi the New Plastic?

Mycology – the science of mushrooms. After animals and plants, fungi are the third class of living beings and are impressively versatile. They help support cheese production, are a delicious addition to cooking, have healing (and intoxicating) properties and can even be surfed upon. Wait a Read on