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From Soiled Nappies to Just Plain Soil

Used baby nappies. Anyone dealing with them most likely just wants to get rid of them – the sooner the better. What a waste! What if the piles garbage each baby creates per year could be turned into 1000 kilograms of healthy soil instead? The team behind the Dycle project is looking to make this a reality. Read on

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Being Green in 2016

The new year is just on the horizon. If you are resolving to make 2016 as green as can be, we have some tips for you to help you stick to your goals. Check 'em out!  Read on

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Why Your New Smartphone Might Not Arrive In Time For Christmas and That's Completely Cool

Expecting to receive some kind of electronic gadget this holiday? A tablet, maybe a digital camera? How about a new smartphone? If that's the case then you may be waiting longer than you expected. One phone manufacturer announced recently that they won't be able to ship as many orders before the festive season as previously estimated. But the reasons for the delay are more than forgivable. Read on


'Tis The Season To Shop Till You Drop...But Could a Talking Bag Shame You Into Frugality?

Shopping is an act no longer driven by need, but a hobby, a tradition, an addiction, an obsession, even a citizen's duty in its own right. Whether the natural effect of the year-round marketing and advertising baths we are immersed in, or whether a particularly urgent pursuit at a time of the year when it is good to give - and to give one must buy first -  shopping is endemic to our all-embracing capitalist values. Yet the short-lived happy-hormones release it triggers in our brains is leaving behind a trail of personal debt and environmental blight. And this courageous little handbag is having none of it. Read on

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RESET Special: Searching for Proof of Concept in Sustainable Consumption

Do philanthropy and consumption mix? As part of a broader analysis of sustainable consumption, we will take a look at charity shopping, the sharing economy and put tech tools that help consumers make more sustainable choices to the test. The aim? There's a lot of hot air, labels, trends and movements when it comes to 'going green' but what actually has an impact and what is just marketing? Read on