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The RESET App Check: Think Dirty Helps You Clean Up Your Act

We all use numerous products on a daily basis to be clean, smell good and look our best. However, do we ever think of the health and environmental impacts of the products we use every single day? If you’ve ever taken a look at the ingredient list of a typical beauty product, it probably seemed too daunting to research every single ingredient. The good news: you don’t have to. Read on


Can You Build Your Own Eco-friendly Home?

A collective of architects, designers, environmental campaigners and open source advocates is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to create an open source DIY toolkit that would give people the know-how to design and build an eco-friendly home themselves. Read on


Smart Home, Smart Life

That the world is moving towards smart communities, interconnected by technology, is not a new concept and the advancement of the Internet of Things, a network of devices that are embedded with technology enabling these objects to collect and exchange data, is getting us closer to the goal. Could this make homes greener? Read on

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Furniture to Grow

A British artist grows trees into tables and chairs in his ‘Furniture Field’. Using molds, grafting techniques and lots of patience, he creates unique and sustainable pieces. Read on


Ugly Fruit and Veggies Unite for Higher Farm Incomes and Environmental Benefits for All

As the recognition grows across communities, governments and businesses that food waste is no longer tenable and its economic, social and environmental impacts are no longer justifiable, initiatives that seek to tackle the issue have been springing up globally. By reducing food waste at the farm level, this organisation tackles the problem at the source. Read on