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Shop for a Cause: Better Buying, Just Around the Corner

Goodwill and charity come with expiry dates. And NGOs recognize this more than anybody else in their quest to be self-sustainable. Non-profits increasingly have started to think about depending lesser and lesser on the traditional donation model, through offering products and services that can bring in some revenue. Read on

Going Green is Now Simpler and Faster

Don’t you wish sometimes that your gardens could be self watering? And wouldn’t you love it if all your waste turned into compost without any foul smell or effort? Read on

Pic, App Your Trash!

Japanese company PIRIKA has developed an app encouraging users across the world to do their bit for their local environment and pick up rubbish. Read on

Water Reuse: How You Can Save 100 Litres from Going Down the Drain

40% of water in our households gets wasted just by flushing it down. Now, here’s a delightfully simple way to hook your washing machine to your flush with a plumber and just a few pipes! Water comes into our houses through multiple inlets. And the way we use it is so wired into our system, that most of the time, we don’t realize how much we use. Read on