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 Green Map System

Go 'Green Map' Your Community

A global movement that involves more than 800 communities across 65 countries, Green Map is an interactive online mapping platform that enables me and you and ordinary global citizens to become mapmakers and explore green living, nature, social and cultural sites in a city, a village, or a neighborhood; put them online on a map, share it worldwide and even publish it Read on

 Christine und David Schmitt

A Precious Idea

It’s a precious thing to read about a bit of youthful ingenuity and determination. We recently had the pleasure of learning about Dave Hakksan’s Precious Plastic project – an idea that helped him graduate and spread the word about our individual role in recycling plastic. Read on

Obliteratin' Litterin'

Litterati creates virtual maps that allow users to report occurrences of littering and uses geo-tagging to highlight problem areas across the globe that require more than just citizen attention. Read on

Jaltara – An Ecofriendly Water Purification System

In the tribal hamlets of the picturesque Taluka Shahapur located 100 kilometres from Mumbai, an eco-friendly and inexpensive water filtration technology has changed lives in around 200 households. Residents of these unelectrified settlements have access to potable water round-the-clock owing to a domestic purifier developed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The water purifiers do not run on electricity, cause no wastage of water, can be maintained easily, and costs Rs. 900 apiece. The technology, if widely adopted, could do away with the hazards of adding chemicals such as chlorine, or using filtration units that guzzle power or require professional maintenance. Read on