RESET helped the following entrepreneurs to implement their innovative and sustainable ideas.

Hawa Dawa The start-up Hawa Dawa combines the Internet-of-Things with Artificial Intelligence to create a real-time map of air quality in cities.      Artificial Intelligence for clean air. 

Tomorrow Tomorrow is the first European player to combine the two major topics of "mobile banking" and "sustainable finance".

MealSaver MealSaver is an app that brings together restaurants and customers to help tackle food waste. Food outlets that work together with MealSaver can sell leftover food to MealSaver app users at reduced prices.

"RESET's sparring for our new funding round, finally ending up in the successful merger with European market leader resq and a fresh capital injection, was very beneficial for us. Their preparation was profound and recommendations were very well derived. Although quite critical, they challenged us in a very demanding but constructive way. We are looking forward to intensify our cooperation for upcoming projects and look forward to working again with you guys" Mai Goth, Founder, 2016

Green City Solutions Green City Solutions addresses the global problem of air pollution by combining a special, vertically installed moss culture with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. The product, called the “CityTree”, combines specific plants that eat particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide and ozone.

Solmove Solmove builds smart solar streets that can supply electric cars with clean power and information. Flexible solar modules can produce large amounts of clean energy on horizontal surfaces, save 100% CO2 and can enable e-mobility with added inductive charging technology. 

"With our smart solar roads, we want to make a contribution to both the climate and the environment. The solar cycle path in Erftstadt is just the beginning. In the medium-term, motorised private and commuter traffic will also be able to use our energy-generating roads. Solmove, the "PaaS Provider for Smart Solar Streets", is already developing further services, like intelligent traffic guidance, driving safety via integrated sensors and the inductive charging of electric cars while they’re driving. RESET helps us to sharpen up our business model and find interesting investors who want to invest their money sustainably".  Donald Müller-Judex, Founder & CEO, 2018

Mobisol Mobisol combines solar energy generation with micro-financed payment systems via mobile phones and comprehensive customer service. The Berlin-based company’s solar home systems are a clean, healthy and affordable alternative to fossil fuels for low-income customers in developing countries.

We have been exchanging ideas and information with the RESET Team consistently over the years.  As well their reports on our projects, we also appreciate their constructive sparring on financial issues for our continued growth and their work on further developing our business case. Thomas Gottschalk, CEO, 2015


Linux4Afrika The Freiburger Open Source Netzwerk (FreiOSS) works to increase the dissemination of Open Source both in Germany and around the world. With their Linux4Afrika initiative, the network creates educational opportunities for East Africa and helps to bridge the digital divide.

“Thanks to the active support of the RESET Team during the funding process, we were able to provide people in Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Burundi with access to the digital world. The ongoing reports on Linux4Afrika, received via since 2008, have contributed to the project’s success." Hans-Peter Merkel, Founder of Linux4Afrika, 2014