Green Impact Finance

The sustainable world of the future needs new solutions. We believe that commitment to the environment and society can be combined with digital innovations and entrepreneurial action to create sustainable added value.


We support projects/startups that use new technologies to promote positive change. We focus on the German-speaking market and support financing arrangements from upwards of 500,000 EUR.


We accompany entrepreneurs towards successfully securing funding (seed, early stage, growth capital), offer practical advice and answer questions about sustainable business models and financing.

1. Coaching

We prepare you for the financing process and answer questions to help you carry it out in an independent and goal-oriented way, for example:

  • How does a round of financing generally proceed?
  • How can you calculate the amount of capital that you need in order to reach your goals? 
  • What documents do you have to prepare in order to be successfully funded?
  • Which investor is a good fit for you and your goals?
  • What aspects are particularly important in order for you to retain the authority to give instructions after receiving financing?

2. Accompanying Consultation

As a financing process can often take between six and nine months, we offer you practical help so that you can continue focusing on your business operations. In order for you to achieve the best possible results, we offer, in close consultation, support in:

  • Creating teasers, pitch decks and information memorandums
  • Identifying potential financial or strategic investors using a long list
  • Approaching selected investors from the short list 
  • Setting up a virtual data room
  • Presenting
  • Conducting negotiations with potential investors.

3. Capital

Alongside our consultation services, in certain cases we ourselves invest in the form of “Skill for Equity” (remuneration for our consulting services in the form of shares in the company) or with our own capital. This depends on the amount of financing required and how well the company fits into our existing portfolio.


Together with Skillnet, one of RESET’s earliest supporters, we promote social entrepreneurship:


First information and action platform on the German-language web (since 2007)

  • > 60,000 monthly and >0.8m yearly UU
  • High level of credibility and extensive network in the field of digital-social and green innovations for sustainable development 
  • 12 successfully financed aid projects in 8 countries


More than 20 years’ experience in Consulting & Corporate Finance

  • >4,000 consultancy projects
  • 180 M&A deals
  • 400 due diligences
  • 16 IPOs (transaction volume > USD 6 billion)
  • Large network of financial and strategic investors

Bodo Kräter
Bodo is the co-founder and advisor of RESET. His Skillnet experience of over 4000 projects and approximately 180 financing deals for international clients in the digital market - ranging from startups to corporations - is actively integrated into RESET’s work, in order to effectively and efficiently plan and manage, and successfully finance technology-driven environmental and development projects.


Elin Porten
Elin studied Economics and Finance and has worked for 6 years in the area of Corporate Finance and Communication. She’s supported RESET’s Green Impact Finance team since 2016, helping young social entrepreneurs with innovative, sustainable ideas to secure the appropriate financing.


Uta Mühleis 

Uta is the co-founder and Managing Director of RESET. She has worked with digital media since the mid 90’s and studied Environmental and Development Policy.