Green Energy

Switching the lights off whenever possible and using energy saving lamps are handy eco-friendly hints but there is still a lot more you can do to save energy and avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

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A Few Tips for Avoiding Fossil Fuel Use

  • Do your research. Find out if there are energy companies in your area that are powered by renewables. The options vary according to country and region. If you’re in the UK, for example, then Green Electricity is a website that will allow you to do a quick comparison of what’s available. If you’re in Germany, then a quick look at OK Power will help.
  • If you’re not able to switch providers, talk to your current provider about renewables. If it’s not something they currently offer, keep asking – letting them know that is customer interest in the product is a great way to get them to consider making the change.
  • Consider investing in solar panels or other sustainable energy sources.In recent years, solar power has become a strong contender not just in the renewables sector but in the overall energy sector and is a viable, reliable option for powering homes, including cooking and heating water as well as for lighting up your house.

Solar Power For Your Home

Although the initial cost is higher than that of systems that for conventional energy sources, the fuel (sunshine) is free. In some cases, making a switch to renewable energy sources requires an upfront financial outlay – installing solar panels on your roof, for example – but there has been a substantial drop in price over the last few decades and often these systems pay for themselves, in terms of energy bill savings, after a few years, quite aside from the obvious environmental benefits. To take advantage of solar heaters or other solar energy systems, you must have an unshaded, south-facing location (a roof, for example) on your property.

Support Rural Projects Focused on Sustainable Energy

You can also support rural sustainable energy projects – such as RESET project partner Mobisol – on renewable energy. The more people connect to local, renewable energy sources, the less likely the chance that they will be connected to the national power grid, where electricity is mainly generated by fossil fuel. It can also bring energy to areas which were previously off-grid.

There is no need to wait nearly 20 years for the powers that be to install renewable sources of energy, after which the village people would still only be passive consumers of power. By installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources in villages, you can bring about drastic change to the lives of the people in just a few days.

Renewable Energy — What You Need to Know

Energy resources exist in different forms. The effects of climate change, and the impact that greenhouse gas emissions have on the atmosphere are dependent on humans understanding the difference.

Solar Photos Are the New Solar Panels

A team of Finnish scientists found a way to print solar electricity-generating photographs. In a world obsessed with pictures and advertisement, this could create a new important source of energy.As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A new breakthrough means it could also be worth some precious electrons.

How to Store Solar Power? With Salt and Mirrors

A US company has solved the issue of solar power storage, and solar power grid reliability, with a groundbreaking technology relying on salt and mirrors, which allows solar power to be harnessed and stored for use when the sun goes down.

A Solar-Powered Trip from Amsterdam to Paris in 30 Minutes

When Elon Musk launched the idea of a fifth mode of transportation, Hyperloop, it was met with enthusiasm, then scepticism. Since the unveiling of Musk’s concept in 2013, a lot of progress has been made. With real-life tests in the Nevada desert and the upcoming Hyperloop Pod Competition, Musk’s design seems to be finding its way into reality.

TIMES Pieces: Talking Clean Tech and the Pioneer Spirit with Solar Impulse 2

To highlight our need to move away from fossil fuels, pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg last year set off on a round-the-world trip in a plane powered completely by solar energy, Solar Impulse 2. Their 35,000km journey has been smashing world records as well as perceptions about the possibilities of clean, renewable technologies.

What Do Salads, Pizza And Renewable Energy Have In Common? More Than You Think

Even with the most efficient processes in place, over-ripened fruit and vegetables are still a source of food waste. Ideas to counteract the issue may include turning them into jams and conserves, quick sale at discounted prices, donation to food banks, or using them as animal feed. Soon, farmers might have an extra option at hand: using over-ripened tomatoes to generate electricity.