What do digital-social and green solutions for sustainable development look like? Our Special Features are for anyone who wants to know what the particular opportunities, but also challenges, of digitalisation are in terms of ecological and social aspects.

Sustainable Agriculture – Farming of the Future

Agriculture is facing major challenges: On the one hand, it is severely impacted by biodiversity loss and the effects of climate change. On the other, agriculture itself massively contributes to these issues. How can digital solutions on fields and farms help to protect species, soil and the climate?
We present solutions for a digital-ecological transformation towards sustainable agriculture.

Smart Buildings – Digital solutions for Sustainable Housing

Autonomous vehicles, e-mobility, AI-controlled traffic planning, new modes for moving from A to B — what will the mobility of tomorrow look like? We present the digital solutions being proposed for climate-neutral transport and logistics and discuss the new challenges of “digital mobility”.

Green Mobility – Digital solutions for a climate-neutral future

The construction, heating, cooling and destruction of our buildings is responsible for an enormous amount of CO2 emissions. How can the transformation succeed — and what do the sustainable digital solutions look like?

Energy transition – The future is networked

The 1.5-degree target is unattainable without a comprehensive energy transformation. But how can it succeed? What digital solutions are already available and where are innovations needed? How can we accelerate the transformation and overcome the hurdles of building a climate-neutral energy system?

We dive deep into the issue and present digital, innovative solutions.

Civic Tech – Ways out of the Climate Crisis with Digital Civic Engagement

With the help of digital tools, citizens can uncover environmental problems, collect important data and support protective measures. In this Special Feature, we explore the question: How can civic tech solutions advance climate protection?

Satellites and Drones – Effective Helpers for Sustainable Development?

When it comes to protecting the environment and tracking changes in our climate, satellites and drones have become indispensable. If only there wasn’t the issue of all that space debris… In RESET’s latest special feature, we’ve been taking a look at the potentials – and pitfalls – of satellites and drones for a sustainable future on this planet.

Artificial Intelligence – Can Computing Power Save Our Planet?

Artificial intelligence has long since solved complex tasks and made our everyday lives easier. But do intelligent computer programmes also provide new solutions for environmental and climate protection? Here we set out to find answers to these questions.

Blockchain and Sustainable Development – How Does It Work?

Everyone is talking about blockchain and DLT. But what exactly are they and how do they work? In RESET’s latest Blockchain Special, we offer some answers to those questions and take a look at how the tech can be used for both social and ecological good.

E-Mobility – Is Electromobility Key to a Future-Proof City?

Is the future electric? Our roads might still be dominated by conventional cars right now, but when it comes to e-mobility, there are promising developments. We looked at the current status quo, the potentials and future predictions, for an electric revolution.