FarmVille Gets Real: Click Here to Plant a Tree

Supposedly everyone should plant a tree once in their lifetime. But where and how exactly? For the internet generation, often living far removed from anything resembling a garden, Treedom offers a simple solution. Pick a tree. Click. Plant it. Click. Track its growth with photos and GPS data.

Author Silvana Steiniger:

Translation Marisa Pettit, 08.05.15

How about an avocado tree in Cameroon? Or a baobab in Senegal? What about growing some mangoes? Cocoa? Lemons? With so much variety, it might be hard to choose. On the Treedom website you can pick out your dream tree and have it planted by local farmers.

And that’s not all. The planted tree is assigned a GPS coordinate, in case you want to pay it a visit, and you’ll receive photos documenting its growth. The farmers who plant the trees will look after them, of course, and are able to harvest their fruit. Because that’s the bigger message behind Treedom and its tree sponsorship programme: it’s about supporting reforestation projects and sustainable agriculture.

Trees vs CO2 and Christmas is Always Just Around the Corner

The Treedom website also lets you calculate your CO2 footprint und gives tips on how to reduce it. And if their advice doesn’t help, offsetting it is just a click away. That’s right: plant a tree!

And for that person who has everything, it’s a great gift idea too. Why not give a present that makes a difference this Christmas? Prices depend on the type of tree and start at just 5.90 euro for a mangrove in Senegal or a Barbados nut tree in Malawi.

The internet platform was set up by Federico Garcea, who was a credit analyst for a big Spanish bank, before quitting his job in the search for something more meaningful. Working together with the web developer Tommaso Speroni, Treedom was born. The organisation has so far planted 20,000 trees in 8 different countries.

Treedom also offers companies a unique opportunity, allowing them to offset their CO2 emissions or treat their business partners to a gift in the form of their own tree. How about that for a corporate present? More impressive perhaps, than a company pen.

This article has been translated from the original by Silvana which appeared on our German platform.

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