Farmerline: How Farmers in Ghana Are Using Mobile Phones to Improve Productivity

In Ghana, Farmerline is offering farmers access to a crucial, customisable, real-time, agricultural education - via SMS and voice message in a language that they can understand.

Author Jasmina Schmidt:

Translation Jasmina Schmidt, 10.30.18

What Do Farmers Need to Get Involved?

In order to be able to access the information provided by Farmerline, all that’s needed is a mobile phone. And in the 28 million-strong country, there are enough of them. Ghana is one of Africa’s largest mobile phone markets, with over 34 million customers: 119 per cent of the population. This is partly due to the fact that one person often owns several SIM cards, as the network quality of the providers can vary considerably.

In order to use Farmerline’s service, farmers enter the number *399# and can receive information about the weather forecast, the market price of the products they grow and general information about cultivation methods. This information is produced by agricultural advisory bodies and made available as text or voice messages. Illiteracy and unknown languages are no longer an obstacle, as the news is available in nine different West African languages.

Attah started Farmerline five years ago with his business partner Emmanuel Owusu Addai Farmerline. Attah, who grew up on a small farm with his aunt, has experienced the difficulties farmers face in Ghana’s rural areas.

This is a translation by Marisa Pettit of an article which first appeared on RESET’s German-language site.

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