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 Anne Marie Peterson

Clean Tech Is Getting Its Way Back

Climate fighters won a battle yesterday, when the U.S. and China announced a “Climate Change and Clean Energy cooperation”, meaning the two biggest emitters in the world joined hands to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Read on

 Bosc d'Anjou

Tracing the ‘Fingerprints’ of Fracking Fluids

Hydraulic fracturing has been seen as one of the key methods of extracting unconventional oil and gas resources and has, for decades, been the subject of much debate as environmental campaigns fight against its impact on the planet which include substantial water pollution. New tracers have been invented to identify fracking fluids released into the environment. Read on

Jose Mesa

Green Island

An island that wasn’t even on the map in ancient times is now setting the precedent for today’s and future civilizations. El Hierro, one of the Spanish Canary Islands, is the first island on the globe to run on 100 percent renewable energy. Read on