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India Likely To Introduce Mega-Sized Solar Projects Soon

This article was first published as a weekly update on Bridge to India . The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been planning to build mega-size solar projects (>500 MW) in India (refer to the July 2013 edition of the India Solar Compass). These projects would be aimed at bringing down the cost of solar power to around INR 5/kWh (USD 0.08/kWh). Read on

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Renewable Energy Policy in a Developing Country: Colombia Case Study

The depletion of traditional energy sources has placed the need to find alternative energy sources on the agenda for many countries around the world. Countries like Colombia, which show great potential in the development of renewable energy technologies still have a long way to go due to their current conditions and the lack of a strong system of policies and regulations. Read on

Knowing More About the Global Power Shift

Global Power Shift is an attempt to form a global movement which will sensitize the masses about the climate change, its effects and promoting solutions. All across the world from small to large scale, GPS participants keep on organizing the Shifts. Ali Abbas, working with Greenpeace India as Activist Coordinator, joins us to tell us more about GPS. Read on