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Aeos: an Electric Truck for Heavy Goods on Short Trips

A US motor manufacture has just unveiled its first ever electrically powered articulated lorry. It won't be covering long distances any time soon, but it's a step in the right direction for the cargo industry. Read on

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Cloud&Heat Transforms Servers Into Water Heaters

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, the need for servers - to store and process the huge amounts of data that we're producing - grows with it. A startup from Dresden, Cloud&Heat, has come up with a way of transforming all the warmth they give off into more than just a bunch of hot air. Read on


Can we Store Energy in the Sea?

Giant concrete spheres at the bottom of the ocean could be the batteries of the future. At least that is what experts from Fraunhofer Institute believe after conducting some successful tests in the lake of Constance. Read on