Modern life is energy-heavy. Not all energy sources are clean and infinite: nuclear-generated electricity is high risk and coal re­leases harm­ful CO2 emissions. Petroleum will soon run out.

There are eco-friendly and infinite energy sources: water, wind, sun and geo­thermal energy are always available – we only have to use them while continuing to exert pressure to end the nuclear age.

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Video Can the Sun Cool Down the Earth?

Wissen Smart Grids - the hope of the energy revolution?

The energy revolution in Germany has been announced in a big way: by the year 2020 a third of all produced energy in Germany should come from renewable energy sources, the coal and nuclear power stations should be shut down. However, the media and politicians paint a bleak picture about the high costs of the energy revolution. Why can the old energy sources not simply be replaced, and what will need to change to accommodate the energy revolution? Read on

Organisation Solarmosaic - Crowdfunded community solar projects

Schools, places of worship, non-profits, community centers, and small businesses. Have a big, open roof and want your utility payments to support a green revolution instead of a bank or utility? Want to engage with your neighbors, customers, city, and country in a new and rewarding way? If yes, then a Solar Mosaic may be right for you. Read on