Many regions in the world lack the economic and political conditions needed for a humane lifestyle. Access to infrastructure, education and markets in some areas is not equal.

Sustainable development creates the freedom to develop personal per­spectives. To achieve this, basic necessities must be taken care of first. This is why we provide local support.

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News Are Mumbai’s poor ever going to be counted?

Nirmala Shinde (62), who lives in a slum in Vakola used to have a BPL card 7-8 years ago. The status of her card changed once she got a gas connection and was changed to APL. Mumbai can be a classic example of all that can be wrong in calculation of urban poverty in India. Read on

Video The Roots of Indias Water Crisis

Organisation IICD

To help people in Africa and Latin America access the information that can transform their lives, we use ICT: Information and Communication Technology. Read on