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 Sistak

Education Inequality in India

The 20th century laid down the basic framework towards the growth of the modern individual. Nutrition, healthcare and most importantly education require the most attention. India is one of the youngest countries and has a rapidly growing population. This population needs to be equipped with the knowledge required to propel and power this country towards becoming a truly global power. Read on


What We Eat, What We don’t, and What We Shouldn’t

Every year UNEP, United Nations Environment Programme, chooses a theme upon which to focus World Environment Day (June 5th), and 2013 is all about our food, and more specifically the food we are wasting. Under the slogan 'Think.Eat.Save', the impact of food waste is being pushed to the forefront of discussion. Read on

 A Kap

Are Mumbai’s poor ever going to be counted?

Nirmala Shinde (62), who lives in a slum in Vakola used to have a BPL card 7-8 years ago. The status of her card changed once she got a gas connection and was changed to APL. Mumbai can be a classic example of all that can be wrong in calculation of urban poverty in India. Read on