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TIMES Pieces: Not an Everyday Hacktivity

Technology is an enabler. It enables people to come together, exchange ideas and shape the future. It has modernised our world and offered a platform for growth – socially, environmentally, economically and creatively. Read on

Help Save Norway...Wait, What?!

A Norwegian humanitarian group is turning the tables on traditional forms of non-profit campaigning, carrying out a series of clever initiatives to encourage NGOs change the way they communicate and advertise. Read on


A New Force Behind Farming

Mobile communication technology has evolved so quickly and become one of the world’s most common way of transmitting information. In Sub-Saharan Africa there are more than 650 million people subscribed to mobile services. Imagine - how does a smallholder farmer in Africa gets updates on market trends, advice on farming technologies, interesting know-how and even weather condition? Read on


Promoting Accessible Product – Bit-by-Bit

How do we make technology accessible for the 75 million Persons with Disabilities in India? A NASSCOM Product Conclave session brings together industry leaders and experts to discuss the business and social case for making technology truly ‘universal.’ Read on