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Informed Meat Eater

You Can Drink Your Shower Water

Five litres of water will soon be an adequate amount for a good, warm, 10 minute shower. Orbital Shower, or shall we say "The Shower of the Future", promises to use just three percent of the usual amount of shower water by recycling the same first five litres of water over again in order to provide a continuous shower flow . Read on

TIMES Pieces: Not an Everyday Hacktivity

Technology is an enabler. It enables people to come together, exchange ideas and shape the future. It has modernised our world and offered a platform for growth – socially, environmentally, economically and creatively. Read on

Help Save Norway...Wait, What?!

A Norwegian humanitarian group is turning the tables on traditional forms of non-profit campaigning, carrying out a series of clever initiatives to encourage NGOs change the way they communicate and advertise. Read on


A New Force Behind Farming

Mobile communication technology has evolved so quickly and become one of the world’s most common way of transmitting information. In Sub-Saharan Africa there are more than 650 million people subscribed to mobile services. Imagine - how does a smallholder farmer in Africa gets updates on market trends, advice on farming technologies, interesting know-how and even weather condition? Read on


Promoting Accessible Product – Bit-by-Bit

How do we make technology accessible for the 75 million Persons with Disabilities in India? A NASSCOM Product Conclave session brings together industry leaders and experts to discuss the business and social case for making technology truly ‘universal.’ Read on